Diabetes Fonds

DCTI Contact: Annemarie Penders

About the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation

The Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation is a charitable non-profit organisation. Our goals are to raise and allocate money for scientific research into the medical treatment and cure of diabetes mellitus and its complications and the social consequences of diabetes for patients and their environment. Almost one million people in the Netherlands live with diabetes and its consequences. On a yearly basis this number is growing with 70.000, almost 200 new patients each day. The mission of the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation is:

  • To prevent diabetes and its complications.
  • To improve the lives of people with diabetes.
  • To work towards a future without diabetes.

Our leading principles are scientific excellence, innovation and perspective for the patient's benefit. In specific research programmes, we provide training and career development opportunities to create a future for scientific talent. Further goals are to publish the results of diabetes research, to stimulate research by improving scientific expertise, and to heighten public awareness of diabetes and prevention.

Our Foundation is a private organisation that is fully supported by generous donations of the Dutch people. We receive no financial support from the government. Indispensable donations, gifts, legacies, interests, and share of the profits from national lotteries raise additional funds to help us realise our goals.

Relationship with DCTI

To accelerate the search for a cure for type 1 diabetes, the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation has set up an expertise centre for cell therapy in 2008. In this expertise centre, four excellent projects aimed at finding a cure for type 1 diabetes through beta cell therapy are included and the DCTI project is one of those. The Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation facilitates the DCTI project with a 1 million euro grant and monitors the progress of the project.