PI Polyganics: Jan Disbergen

About Polyganics

Polyganics is a biomedical company founded in 1998 with more than 25 years of successful research experience in the development of bioresorbable medical implants. The company harbors all the commercial, chemical, medical, biological and clinical knowledge and expertise needed for the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative biomedical products based on bioresorbable polymers.

Our unique expertise in molecular biomechanical engineering, polymer chemistry and foaming techniques enable us to design porous scaffolds and foams with tailor-made properties. By modifying different physical properties and processing of the pore size, porosity and interconnectivity, we optimize our products in terms of degradation time, absorption and mechanical and surface properties to meet the requirements of a specific application.

Polyganics materials are applied in wound care products and tissue regeneration solutions. Our devices are offered in smartly designed formats like sheets, tubes, porous foams and scaffolds. Moreover the materials are highly biocompatible and degrade into non-toxic, biologically safe compounds, are resorbed and removed via the body's natural systems.

Typical Polyganics products are found as dressing material in the Ear, Nose and Throat surgery (Nasopore®), as products to repair peripheral nerve damage (Neurolac®) and as products to prevent leakage after a colorectal anastomosis (C-seal®).

Relationship with DCTI

For the DCTI project Polyganics delivers the know-how and R&D infrastructure to produce reliable scaffolds for the Langerhands Islets. In our well-equipped laboratory new materials and methods are tested to make the product as reliable and successful as possible.

Typical foam structure

Degradation profile of a bioresorbable material